Dr. Brandi Godino Brotherton

Dr. Brotherton is the principal at Alief Early College High School in Houston, Texas. She has a proud member of the Alief family for more than 21 years and principal at AECHS for over 7 years. Before becoming a Principal, Dr. Brotherton taught social studies, and coached basketball, track and cross-country. She also served as Elsik’s Advanced Academics Officer, Assistant Principal, and Associate Principal of Instruction. Dr. Brotherton graduated from Oklahoma State University, where she obtained her Bachelors in Political Science. She also holds a Masters in Educational Leadership from Abilene Christian University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Innovation from St. Thomas University.

It is Brandi’s priority to ensure that every single student that walks through the doors at AECHS knows they are valued and receives an exemplary education.

Brian Aspinall

Brian Aspinall is an educator and best selling author and is considered one of the brightest STEM innovators in education. He is the founder of Code Breaker Inc., an organization whose mission is to engage students and amplify voices of passionate educators who believe that all students can achieve if given a fair chance.

He travels the globe speaking and leading professional development programs that inspire educators to create curious seeking individuals in classrooms built on a community of trust, risk-taking and a freedom to fail.

His first book, Code Breaker, continues to top the charts in STEM education with a focus on rethinking assessment and evaluation. He was awarded the Canadian Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence for his work with coding and computational thinking. His enthusiasm, thought leadership, and approach to building capacity within STEM education has made him a sought after speaker across the globe.

Libo Valencia

Libo Valencia is a mathematics teacher at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY. He is an adjunct lecturer at his alma mater CUNY Lehman College and also enjoys teaching at the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) at Mercy College. With fourteen years of experience, Libo is a passionate educator who strongly believes that understanding mathematics can help all students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be utilized beyond the classroom.

Libo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, a Master of Arts in Pure Mathematics, and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership. Libo is happily married to his wife Carolina and has two beautiful daughters, Mariana and Madeline.

Mike Azzalina

At ten years old, the world as he knew it would begin to shift in a way he had never expected. His childhood was far from normal. The existence he had come to find comfort in was going to disappear, and in its place, a new normal. When an unknown invader took control of his body, it struck fear and shame into him, his friends, and his family–each episode finding a way to rock them all to their core.

The narratives he began to create for himself about who he was and what he was destined to be were all concocted from a version of himself blinded by fog and darkness. Thankfully, he was given the heartbeats who would readjust the story. These educators and coaches would remind him of who he was, rewrite his purpose with him, and not once allow him to forget what he was brought here to do: leave a legacy.

Mike’s story, as told through his vulnerable eyes, brings the reminder of the opportunity educators have to change the lives of so many. You are crossing over into the pages of his story; the experiences, insights, realities, challenges, losses, fears, moments of realizations, and wins that make up his story so far. Stories not unlike those of the students who walk through our doors each day. Stories of those seeking their own purpose. Stories of those in need of their own heartbeats.

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