Hello, world. My name is Brian Aspinall and this is my official moving making journal for Hack The Class.

January 8, 2024:

Announced the first three cast members. NO turning back now! Three incredibly talented individuals who I admire deeply. Brilliant folks. 🙂

December 15, 2023:

Launched the “Cast” page this evening.

December 13, 2023:

Launched the official GoFund Me. Time to raise some funding to bring this project into pre-production. Want your name in the film credits? Make a donation of any size.

December 12, 2023:

The CASTING CALL has been announced online! I cannot believe it. The response so far (a few hours) seems positive. The application form is live. I feel overwhelmed, but excited for the unknown! The hunt for partners and sponsors has begun. I suppose this makes the “Development” phase official.

Phase I: Development. Let’s do this!

(Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Distribution)

December 11, 2023:

The CASTING CALL is officially open! The new website is LIVE and the social media accounts are operating. The first draft of the movie trailer has also been completed!

December 10, 2023:

After what feels like decades in the making, the concept for Hack The Class has been finalized and the domain name has been secured! This is getting real!

December 7, 2023:

I have officially resigned from my roles as a University Instructor to finally commit to Code Breaker full time. This is a very long time coming. Scared, excited, nervous, anxious, and stoked for what’s to come in 2024! Wish me luck! Here we GO!